Saturday, November 26, 2011

Quiet Celebrations

I learned earlier this week that I have been successful in earning my National Board Certification.  After hundreds of hours of filming, writing, thinking, and rewriting it was a relief to get my test scores and portfolio grades back.  I feel really good about the work I did, the scores I earned and the quality of my portfolio; however, when I learned that my mentor didn't get awarded the NBC, I was devastated. She was going through the process at the same time and I was sure that she would get it and I would have to try again. 

How do I celebrate now? How can I talk up the process of serious professional iteration, reflection, and critique when she is struggling to figure out what happened?

I wish there was a simple answer. I will let my principal and the building leadership team know but I will not advertise.  I will have to keep this accomplishment to myself.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Growing a Pair

I have given money to the 2012 Obama campaign.
I will vote for Obama.
I would love to volunteer but I refuse to do so.

The President needs to step up, acknowledge the Occupy Movement in a positive way, and defends the First Amendment Rights of those protesting and condemn the actions of those who want to trample on the less powerful.

He needs to start talking about why there are so many people out of work and underemployed while the few make millions, pollute our planet, degrade free and public education, and maintain a status quo for energy giants who are dragging their feet to move towards sustainability.

Many of us understand we are moving through an adjustment period where we must learn to live with less. I have no problem with that but there will be increasing political unrest as long as the people in this country perceive economic injustice.

The campaign can call me when he addresses these issues.