Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Time

"Oh, you must love not having anything to do in the summer!"

 "Ummmm, yeah, that would be nice?"

How else should I answer that question?  So I have taken off a lot more than I can chew this summer and I am wasting time blogging about it.  I need to sort it all out.  I am hoping that I can find some reason in it all:  2 CLEAN reviews, CLEAN resource collections, IGES-NASA Reviews, Learn More About Climate work, ESSEA, ICEE, and the Rain Garden Project.

Sure, all these "gigs" are a great way to make up for the 3% paycut that Jeffco handed out.  Now I can continue to save for retirement and the girl's college.  And I really think I could make it all work if all the deadlines weren't the same. As it is, I am working in my sleep.

'Nuff complaining! How many people can sit in the dappled shade of aspen trees in their back yard and make money?  Not too many!!

O.K. So, life is good: good family, good friends, good opportunities.  I just need to practice a bit of self-discipline so I don't burn out.

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