Saturday, November 26, 2011

Quiet Celebrations

I learned earlier this week that I have been successful in earning my National Board Certification.  After hundreds of hours of filming, writing, thinking, and rewriting it was a relief to get my test scores and portfolio grades back.  I feel really good about the work I did, the scores I earned and the quality of my portfolio; however, when I learned that my mentor didn't get awarded the NBC, I was devastated. She was going through the process at the same time and I was sure that she would get it and I would have to try again. 

How do I celebrate now? How can I talk up the process of serious professional iteration, reflection, and critique when she is struggling to figure out what happened?

I wish there was a simple answer. I will let my principal and the building leadership team know but I will not advertise.  I will have to keep this accomplishment to myself.

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